Choosing the Best Type of Flooring for Your Home

While many homeowners still choose traditional rugs for their home, this is not your only option when it comes to flooring! Various types of tile, stone, and other such materials can be a good choice for your space, as they might be more durable  and easier to clean, and more stylish than bland carpeting. Note a few pros and cons of various flooring options, so you know which is the best for every room of your home.

3 Ways To Use Wall Tiles To Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Small bathrooms are common for people who live in inner city areas with compact spaces. While they can be a tad claustrophobic, there isn't much choice when you need to live near workplaces. But the good news is that some decorative ideas like wall tiles can actually transform your small bathroom with spaciousness. Here's how: Use Light Colours Like Pastels And Whites Darker colours are known to absorb light and can close in a space, while lighter colours are best when you're looking to reflect light and enlarge the look of a particular room.

4 Reasons a Floating Floor Works Better Than Traditional Timber Flooring for a Basement

Your converted basement needs a comfortable and attractive floor, and many homeowners find themselves drawn to timber. However, traditional timber boards aren't very practical for the basement. Instead, you should use a floating floor—these boards use genuine wood, but they click together in a tongue-and-groove system. Here are just four reasons why a floating floor is the right choice for your basement. 1. Cost-Effective Whether you're looking into converting your basement into a proper living space or have just had it done, you probably don't need to be told it's an expensive undertaking.