3 Ways To Use Wall Tiles To Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Small bathrooms are common for people who live in inner city areas with compact spaces. While they can be a tad claustrophobic, there isn't much choice when you need to live near workplaces. But the good news is that some decorative ideas like wall tiles can actually transform your small bathroom with spaciousness. Here's how:

Use Light Colours Like Pastels And Whites

Darker colours are known to absorb light and can close in a space, while lighter colours are best when you're looking to reflect light and enlarge the look of a particular room. For a small bathroom, you can use light coloured wall tiles to reflect light and open up the space beautifully. Not only do lighter coloured tiles look gorgeous, but they can also brighten up the room in case there is a lack of natural sunlight in the area. Pastels and whites are ideal choices as lighter colours because they match all kinds of décor without any difficulty. You can also choose glossier tiles that are more reflective in nature to infuse the illusion of space in your bathroom.

Use Larger Tile Formats Instead Of Smaller Ones

You can visually enhance your bathroom space by choosing larger and wider wall tiles than smaller ones. One of the biggest reasons why larger tiles make the bathroom appear bigger is because they don't need as many grout lines as smaller tiles. With fewer grout lines, your bathroom walls look less busy and more open. The openness in your walls and lack of activity from grout will give the room a larger appearance. Make sure you choose grout that is close in colour to the wall tiles you choose for greater continuity and less crowdedness in your bathroom.

Continue Wall Tiles Onto The Floor

Continuity is key when you have a small bathroom that has limited space. This means that you'll want to choose the same wall tiles for your bathroom floor to create a monochromatic colour scheme that looks more spacious. The more colours and changes you introduce in the bathroom, the more crowded it will appear. Crowded bathrooms always look smaller than they actually are, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. If you're using any paint in the bathroom, make sure it is the same or a similar colour to your wall and floor tiles.

Making a small bathroom seem bigger requires a little bit of care and consideration. Use these ideas to help you.