Choosing the Best Type of Flooring for Your Home

While many homeowners still choose traditional rugs for their home, this is not your only option when it comes to flooring! Various types of tile, stone, and other such materials can be a good choice for your space, as they might be more durable  and easier to clean, and more stylish than bland carpeting. Note a few pros and cons of various flooring options, so you know which is the best for every room of your home.


Porcelain is a very dense type of clay tile that is virtually impervious to spills and stains, so it's a good choice for the kitchen in particular. However, porcelain can be a bit uncomfortable underfoot. If you do opt for porcelain tiles, you might want to add fatigue mats or other area rugs in the kitchen if you tend to stand for long periods of time to cook.


Vinyl has been a favourite for many decades because this flooring material is so durable and easy to clean. Today's vinyl tiles also look more like real timber, stone, and other such materials, so you don't need to sacrifice style for function and durability. Some vinyl tiles also come with a sticky backing, for an easy installation. However, vinyl adhesive does tend to come loose after some time, and especially if exposed to high humidity or heat, so be prepared to replace vinyl tile more often than many other flooring choices.


Slate has a naturally bumpy or uneven surface which makes it somewhat slip resistant, so this stone can be a good choice for a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and basement. The downside of slate is that the material is very heavy, so installation is not a DIY job! Your home's subfloor might also need added bracing if you opt for slate.


Laminate flooring is actually a type of large print that is put over a flooring material, and then a protective coating is added over this print. The print or photo used for laminate flooring can be of any type of material, including timber, stone, porcelain and so on. Laminate is very durable and easy to clean, and won't absorb moisture and humidity, as does timber. Laminated flooring can typically be installed throughout your entire home, including in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement, for a cohesive look. Some laminate flooring is also available in rolls, so you can quickly and easily install large areas of flooring yourself, with just a few simple household tools.