How Room Visualisation Software Can Help You Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Technology has come a long way in many different industries, and the flooring sector has not been left behind. In the past, when you needed a new carpet for various rooms in the home, you had to follow many different steps. These steps included:

  • Identifying a reputable carpet installer
  • Visiting their showroom to select the colour and type of carpet that you prefer
  • Scheduling a site visit for the contractor to examine your home
  • Getting pricing estimates and scheduling installation times
  • Preparing the home for carpet installation

With all these steps involved, it would take at least a few weeks before you would end up with a newly carpeted floor. Luckily, room visualisation software has now made carpet installation much easier. The software allows you to essentially view how your home would look like after a new carpet is installed.

But how can such software help you make the right carpet choice?

1. Explore multiple colours and designs

With room visualisation software, you can upload pictures of various rooms in your home and virtually see what a new carpet would look like. In this way, you have more freedom to explore multiple colours and designs in different parts of the home.

You can experiment with different colours for the living room and bedrooms as you mix and match various designs within the software. If you were to visit a showroom, you would have to picture how the carpet would look like on your floors, rather than having a clear visual image of the carpet in action.

2. Know which features you will need

Another benefit of room visualisation software is that you can identify the specific features you need for your carpeted floors. By using this virtual imaging platform, you can determine whether a thicker carpet will be necessary to reduce cold and discomfort while in the home. You can also explore unique features such as pet-proof carpeting materials, stain-proof layers, and odour-proof fabrics for strategic sections of your indoor space.

Once you've decided on the specific features you need, you'll be in a better position to select your preferred carpet type.

3. Determine a perfect fit to reduce wastage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of room visualisation software is that you can reduce the wastage that would otherwise occur during installation. With a more accurate method of measuring room dimensions, homeowners can accurately calculate how much material and labour costs they will likely incur for a new carpet.