Should You Invest in Blackbutt Timber for Your Home's Decking?

When it comes to choosing flooring material for your deck, timber is one of the best options on the market. Since it is a natural material, wood adds a rustic yet classically beautiful look to this outdoor structure. Blackbutt is one of the best hardwood species that you can consider for your deck in Australia. It grows in several parts such as Queensland and New South Wales, and this makes it a popular choice for individuals who wish to support locally-made timber. If you are wondering whether Blackbutt is an ideal flooring material for your deck, the following benefits should dispel your doubts.

Blackbutt timber is durable

Your home's deck is an outdoor structure, and there is a need to use materials that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. In this case, hardwood timber is the best option if you are choosing natural wood. Being a hardwood material, Blackbutt makes an ideal choice for deck flooring. Its durability has made it a favorite material in the home improvement industry in Australia. It is resilient to harsh weather conditions, including the scorching summer sun and the winter snow. It is less susceptible to warping and rotting as are most species of softwood timber. If you are looking for a material that will last for decades without requiring regular repairs, Blackbutt timber is a suitable choice.

Blackbutt is resistant to fires

As you choose construction materials for various structures in your home, it is essential to pay attention to the fire resistance properties. Materials that are susceptible to accidental fires can cause costly damages and property loss when such accidents occur. Blackbutt timber boasts a high resistance to fires. In fact, it is one of the least flammable woods in the timber industry today. This makes it a safe material to work with for your decking, and also increases its longevity.

Blackbutt is available in a variety of colors

When choosing timber for interior or exterior decorating, it is paramount that you get a material which blends with or complements the rest of the décor. Many people have reservations about timber as some types of wood are only available in limited colors. However, Blackbutt comes in a variety of colors and hues, and you will not lack a shade that marries with the rest of your exterior décor. The timber is available in the natural wood color, soft browns, and light tans. You can also stain the wood to give it a rich color that complements your exterior fixtures.

It is evident that Blackbutt timber is a suitable material for decking. Contact a qualified flooring contractor for professional installations so that you can get the best value from your new structure. You can also visit websites like