What You Need to Know About Timber and Related Flooring Options

When your home needs new flooring, you don't need to choose carpeting alone. While carpeting can add some warmth and comfort to your space, timber flooring and similar materials are often considered more durable and stain-resistant than carpeting, and more hygienic, since they don't hold as much dust and dirt as carpet fibres. Note a few factors to consider about timber floors and other related flooring options, so you can know the right choice for your home.

Grades of hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is graded by the appearance of the surface of the wood, not its overall strength and durability, as all species of hardwood meant for flooring is very durable and strong. A lower grade of hardwood will usually have more knots and visible grain patterns, whereas a higher grade will be more uniform in appearance.

While the uniform appearance is often considered more desirable, you may prefer a natural, rustic appearance in the home. If so, opt for the lower grade; it will be cheaper, while also offering more character and charm with all that wood detail on the surface.

Floating timber

Solid hardwood planks are usually nailed or glued to the subfloor, but floating timber floors snap to each other with a tongue-and-groove design, and are placed over a layer of foam that is attached to the subfloor. If you want hardwood floors you can install yourself and that offer more noise insulation and a comfortable surface, choose floating timber.


For all flooring, note the maintenance needed. Solid hardwood will need sanding and resurfacing every few years or more; this is to restore the appearance, and to keep it watertight, as its sealant does wear off over time. Artificial materials like laminate and vinyl will need far less maintenance, but may still require a professional steam clean on regular basis, to remove ground-in dirt and stains you can't clean with a mop. They may also need a fresh coat of sealant to protect them from damage and wear.

Cork as an alternative

While timber floors are a great choice for any home, you may want something more unique or even more affordable. Cork is a good choice for flooring that offers maximum comfort underfoot, such as for a kitchen or child's playroom. The material is soft but very strong and durable, and has an appearance that resembles wood but which is still a bit different than most timber materials. Cork often comes in square tiles and you may be able to install it yourself if you choose a brand with a peel-and-stick backing.

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