Top Benefits of Laminate Flooring to Your Home

Laminate flooring refers to a multi-layered product that is manufactured using synthetic materials. The synthetic materials, typically fibreboard, are laminated together to create the main flooring. This flooring is then surfaced with a photographic applique that functions to lend a pattern to the flooring or mimic other flooring materials. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the demand for laminate flooring for residential applications due to the many advantages that it has. Below are just a few of the top benefits of laminate flooring to your home.

Laminate flooring is installed easily

When re-flooring your residence, it is not enough to merely factor in the cost of materials. You also have to budget for the contractors, and their pricing would depend on how labour intensive the installation would be. Laminate flooring will typically come in planks that are designed to click in together to create the flooring. As a result, there is no need for adhesives and a host of other supplies to ensure that the flooring is intact. All you would be required to do is ensure the subfloor has the right underlayment to support the laminate flooring, which is unlike other flooring materials that may need several weeks to install due to various processes such as curing, sealing and more.

Laminate flooring is extremely versatile

Another reason to opt for laminate flooring is the flexibility it allows you due to its enhanced versatility. Laminate flooring would be a great option for homeowners looking to create seamless transitions from room to room without having to install the same flooring all through their home. For example, if you have wood flooring in your living room, laminate flooring can be fitted in your corridors and bedrooms to create a sense of uniformity. Additionally, laminate flooring provides you with a broad range of designs to choose from, which gives you the freedom to be as creative as you would like with your flooring.

Laminate flooring is resistant to staining

One major concern to bear in mind when installing new flooring is how susceptible it would be to staining. Carpeting, hardwood floors and even ceramic tiles may provide you with enhanced aesthetics, but they can prove quite difficult to deal with when it comes to stain removal. If you have younger children who are prone to spilling food and beverages, laminate flooring would be ideal, as the photographic applique layer is non-absorbent.