Essential Factors When Picking Out Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you are constructing a new home, your flooring would be one of the biggest decisions to make. Although you have the flexibility to experiment with flooring materials in different aspects of the home, it is not advisable to do so with the kitchen due to the heavy usage the floor will be exposed to. As a result, most people will gravitate toward tile as it a tried and tested material. Nevertheless, opting to use tile does not translate into picking the first tiling supplies you come across. Below are some of the essential actors that you would have to bear in mind when picking out your kitchen floor tiles.

Factor in the porosity of the tiles

A major characteristic of the kitchen is that it is exposed to wet conditions on a regular basis. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your tiles would be able to withstand these conditions. Porosity refers to the characteristic of the tiles inherently having pores. These pores are minuscule holes in the tile that facilitate absorption of moisture. A little-known fact about porous tiles is they are also capable of absorbing odours too!

As a result, porous tiles would not be a good option for your kitchen as they would be highly susceptible to staining, harbouring bacteria and developing pungent smells. Instead, you should choose low porosity tiles, as they are much easier to keep clean and germ-free. Moreover, low porosity tiles won't retain odours, so your kitchen will stay smelling clean and fresh.

Factor in the colour of the tiles

When it comes to colour schemes, homeowners ideally should have free reign when it comes to choosing the colour palette of their home. Nevertheless, it should also be noted that your choice of colour could have a significant impact on the room. In the kitchen, choosing the wrong type of tone for your tiles could be the difference between a warm and attractive kitchen and a busy-looking, distracting space.

For instance, small kitchens with patterned tiles could appear even smaller than they are. When it comes to kitchen floor tiles, always choose solid colours. Earth tones are always a good option as they make the kitchen feel inviting. However, if you would prefer a sterile and minimalist look, then you could choose light colour palettes for your tiles. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the lighter the hues you use, the higher the chances of stains and dirt becoming starkly conspicuous; whereas darker shades can easily hide these laws.