4 Reasons Why Blackbutt Is The Perfect Choice For Your New Hardwood Timber Floor

Despite the enormous variety of modern flooring types available these days, hardwood timber floors continue to be a much-loved and enduringly popular option for Australian home-owners. The natural, rich beauty of hardwood adds warmth and timeless beauty to a home and it is one of the most durable flooring types available.

If you're considering having a hardwood timber floor installed in your home, then you may be wondering what timber variety will be the best choice. Blackbutt timber, despite its humorous name, is a popular choice for many homeowners who opt for a hardwood timber floor. Here are four reasons why it might be the perfect choice for your home:

1. It's relatively affordable

Any solid, hardwood floor will be more expensive than a laminate or reconstituted timber floor. However, amongst hardwood timber varieties, Blackbutt is one of the more affordable options. This is largely due to its prolific growth in large corridors of forest along the East Coast. Because it's an Australian native plant, this also makes it a more affordable option than more expensive imported timbers.

2. It's highly durable

The Blackbutt tree is a dense, thick tree and the timber that it produces is long lasting and tough. Unlike laminate flooring, a Blackbutt floor will last a lifetime or more. Because it's a eucalyptus variety, it's packed with natural oils. This makes the timber less brittle and less likely to split or crack during changes of temperature or humidity.

3. It's perfect for the Australian climate

As a native tree, Blackbutt has evolved over millennia to become ideally suited for the often harsh and highly variable Australian climate. It has a very high natural durability rating for a range of issues that affect timber in this country. This includes mould and fungi attacks, insect infestation and fire. The high levels of natural oils also make it highly resistant to water absorption or damage.

4. It's naturally beautiful

While Blackbutt timber is an extremely practical timber choice for your hardwood floor, it's will also make a beautiful addition to your home. The medium sized grain is generally even and straight and the pale, rosy colour of the natural timber will add warmth and character to any room. A simple coat of a clear wax or varnish is all that's needed to enhance the natural beauty of Blackbutt flooring.

If a Blackbutt timber floor sounds like a great option for your home, then contact your local hardwood flooring contractor. They can help you to plan and install the flooring project which will transform your home with timeless beauty and style.